Louisville Rising is a non-profit that organizes fundraising projects and puts dollars directly into the pockets of local businesses and individuals who have been adversely affected by the current crisis and beyond.  Locals have expressed an interest to help and by joining as a collective community, we can achieve so much more.

Apply  for  Funds

Any Louisville small business, individual, family or group in need is encouraged to apply for a grant fund.

How You Can Help

We want to help our town thrive.  But we can’t do it without you. By joining together, we can support small businesses and individuals at the heart of our community. We can be stronger. Louisville is Rising.  How can you help: 


Donate, participate or send us an idea!

Please send your comments and feedback to LousivilleRising@gmail.com

LR Update

The Christmas themed bar Miracle on Main Street gave 100% of their reservation fees to non profits. Community Food Share and Louisville Rising received $15,000 each. Thank you to our community for your donations and thank you to Patrick & Azadeh Walsh of Switch Pop-Up for your generosity. 


To create and support local events through effective communication, engaging outreach, and community involvement, and to use these events to raise funds that will impact our community.


Louisville Rising will strengthen our social fabric by harnessing the infinite goodwill of our people to support the great need in our community.


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Together We Rise  

 Together We Thrive

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